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Iceni Magazine | May 30, 2024

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Fragrance World: Should Scents Be Changed Seasonally?

Fragrance World

There are two types of perfume shoppers. Some are loyal to the same fragrance from spring to winter and some enjoy alternating fragrances with the seasons.

But are seasonal fragrances really a thing or just a myth?

A different fragrance for every weather

The truth is the weather really changes how the fragrance performs on your skin and smells to you and the people around you. The aromatic molecules in the fragrance simply need a certain amount of heat from your skin and air combined to give the best results. Last but not least, every season has its own vibe, and feelings that need the right fragrance composition to highlight your style each season. Fresh and zesty fragrances perfect for hot summer days will feel weak on your skin during the cold winter and heavy or very sweet scents that beautifully linger on your favourite sweater when the temperatures drop might be a little too strong in hot weather.

How to pick the right perfume for stunning results?

Always follow these simple rules while picking a fragrance:

  • Warm temperatures intensify the perfume ingredients making light and powdery scents strong enough in warm weather. The refreshing composition of a delicate eau de toilette for her or him is a good choice for spring and summer.
  • Cold weather slows the whole perfume evaporating process down which makes each note last longer on the skin without being overpowering as the air is crisp and dry. A sophisticated eau de parfum for her or him will surround its wearer like a cosy blanket during the autumn and winter.

Spring fragrances

Chloe perfume

Spring is a time of new beginnings. Nature is awakening and the first warm sun rays finally kiss our skin after the gloomy winter. This exact feeling of pure joy is what the springtime fragrances should reflect in their composition. Spring scents are mood-lifting and comforting companions bringing beautiful olfactory memories with every spritz. The composition should include flower blossoms and green plants that beautifully celebrate the seasonal shift to more vibrant days. Our top pick for this season is the delicate and powdery Chloe perfume that elegantly highlights the femininity of its wearer while still comforting her during the temperature drops spring might bring from time to time. The composition consists of aromatic ingredients such as peonies and freesias followed by the purely floral heart of rose and magnolia underlined with warm amber and cedarwood tones in the base.

Another spring scent that deserves attention is Parfums De Marly Greenley perfume unisex, which opens with green apple and bergamot accords followed by cashmeran, pomarose and violet tones on oakmoss and musk base. This scent shines bright as the first sun rays but warms the wearer in the spring rains.

Parfums De Marly Greenley

Summer fragrances

Summer days offering all kinds of fun outdoor activities, vacations and time with the family should be accompanied by fragrances that capture the happy and relaxing feeling while keeping its wearer refreshed and sexy in the hot temperatures. This kind of weather loves the combination of green plants and crispy accords in fragrances such as citrus, mint and blossoms combined with fresh fruit. A real summer in a bottle is our summer pick, the Mancera Soleil d’Italie unisex perfume that captures the true joie de vivre, a cheerful enjoyment of life.

Autumn fragrances

Autumn scents with notes of musk, amber, jasmine and patchouli will work as a comforting shield on rainy days while nature changes its colours and leaves start falling from the trees. Autumn calls for seductive scents full of character with hints of spices, wood and leather that will linger on the skin the whole day long. A real autumn head-turner is Maison Margiela REPLICA Autumn Vibes, a unisex eau de toilette that is warm and woody. The scent opens with sensual pink pepper and earthy moss accords that nicely blend into balsamic pine notes and cedar wood notes, following you on your autumn walks.


Winter fragrances

Get ready for winter days with warm scents composed of spices and sweet notes of vanilla, amber, tobacco, tonka and cardamom. As the seasons change and Christmas holidays and New years eve are getting closer, the winter fragrance should mimic these celebrations and special occasions. Look for fragrances that are warm and rich, yet sophisticated. Niche scents are perfect for the winter season, especially with the fact that winter air tends to prolong the fragrance longevity on our skin to the fullest. A little investment at the beginning is definitely worth it as with good care a bottle of niche fragrance can stay preserved and fresh for several years. Perfect winter fragrances are Cologne Rare by Atelier Cologne. These unisex perfumes feature very rare ingredients such as oud, gaiac wood, mystic encens and sandalwood that perfectly blend with aromatic and oriental notes in the composition.

Atelier Cologne Rare fragrance

It is always the best idea to have one signature fragrance that suits every season and can be used while in a hurry, but also add some seasonal options to the perfume collection to enjoy each time of the year to the fullest.

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