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Iceni Magazine | August 18, 2022

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Few Tips for Designing Custom Made Neon Signs

neon signs

Many businesses today are searching for a way to make their signage stand out from the crowd, to be noticed above anyone else.

Well, custom made neon signs are an amazing instrument for bringing a contemporary or retro appearance to any business. Though it may cost more to construct and maintain than other lighting choices, neon signs remain totally unique in their way of expressing a feeling or concept for a business as well as being a massive step towards having cool decor in your shop, for example. That is why many business owners are looking for a few tips for designing custom made neon signs.

Neon signs are attention-getting tools that carry major impact. The typical glowing radiance of a neon sign can bring a business potential customers in a way nothing else can, virtually burning your business identity into the brains of possible customers. There is no other form of business signage that has the same visual impact that neon has.

How do Custom Made Neon Signs Benefit a Business?

Neon signs bring attention to any business. Not only does it evoke nostalgia, but it has great eye appeal and unequalled ghost-like attributes that incandescent light cannot match. It’s available dozens of colours and has great design flexibility. Neon is also a low-cost and energy efficient choice.

Here are a Few Tips for Designing Custom Made Neon Signs

When contemplating a neon sign design it should be well-placed, and fit in with the current business identity. However, before starting the design process, it is utterly essential that the designer inspect the site, particularly if it’s a storefront. The sign’s location will dictate how it is designed.

What is the Best Size for Lettering on a Neon Sign?

As a general rule, the letters will be readable up to 12 meters away for each centimetre of letter height. Consequently, 15 centimetre lettering would be readable for a distance of approximately 61 meters.

The Best Color Suggestions for a Neon Sign

Red neon letters are the most readable, and the most popular choice for “open” signs. Yellows and purples are the least readable and most suitable for borders. Black backgrounds will enhance the visibility of the sign. Consideration should also be given to the intended audience for the sign. For example, colours like black and red generally appeal to men. On the other hand, colours like teal, pink and other light colours will appeal to women.

Pay Particular Attention to the Appearance

The neon sign should be an accompaniment to the branding of the business. It should remind people who see it of other adverts they’ve seen that refer to the particular business. This instills a sense consistency for customers that the brand is dependable, honest and trustworthy. This sense of consistency can have considerable bearing on the business.

Custom made neon signs by Neoncreations offer one of the brightest forms of sign advertising for a business. Neon signs can last for decades with proper care, which involves keeping the sign dry, not dropping the sign, or causing any damage or breakage.

It is hoped that these few tips for designing custom made neon signs will aid in crafting a neon sign will attract the target audience of the business by using colours that complement the business’ colour palette. Neon signs attract attention and are appealing to the eye and emotions.

Custom made neon signs are one of the best plans of the action for presenting a singular business identity, and setting the business apart from its competitors. When a business stands out from the crowd, people will be more inclined to see what the business has to offer and hopefully boost the bottom line.

Article By Lauren Williamson


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