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Iceni Magazine | April 21, 2021

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Everything You Need To Know About Prescription Sunglasses

Everything You Need To Know About Prescription Sunglasses

When sunglasses come with power, it is commonly called prescription sunglasses.

These sunglasses are needed if you have refractive errors which are corrected with lens or glasses. However, in general, if your job suggests you staying outside in the sun, you can opt for prescription sunglasses from FreshforPandas to protect your eyes as well as see with corrective vision.

Things to look for before buying these shades

Like regular sunglasses, these shades too come with various types and colours. Here is a list of things that you should be taken into account.

Frames – You will find metal and plastic frames. The metals frames are made from nickel, titanium and steel, which makes it stronger. Whereas, the plastic frames are made from polycarbonate and zylonite, making it cheaper than the former.

Styles – Your will get prescription eye shades in full-frame, half-frame and even frameless style.

Hinges – Barrel hinges, interlocking hinges and spring hinges are the types of hinges that you will find in the sunglasses.

The types of lenses

Single vision – This is mostly prescribed by the doctors that help patients with nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Single vision lens has one power only.

Bifocals – It comes with two distinct powers, helping people to see farther away as well as closer things. This is quite helpful in driving.

Progressive – This lens helps to see different perspectives without using another pair. Also called multifocal, people need some amount of practice to use it daily. However, with modern techniques, things have become easier.

Trifocals – As the name suggests, people can see from three different angles: far, middle and near with trifocal glasses. The bottom lens is for the closer vision whilst the top is to see faraway things.

Reasons to own a pair

If you do not have one, the list below will state you all the benefits of purchasing one.

Clarity in vision – No more frowning in the sun! The Rx sunglasses from FreshforPandas have power as suggested by doctors, giving you optical clarity even in bright sunlight.

Get a break from contact lenses – You do not have to wear contact lenses when you have powered sunglasses. You just need to carry the pair in your bag and wear it when you step out in the sun. This will also stop your eyes from getting dry.

Protects eyes – Sunglasses shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, blue light, dust, dirt, insects and what not!

Convenience – If you are working in daylight, you do not have to carry your contact lens, normal shades and even your daily wear glasses. It is also one of the most used fashion accessories available in a variety of styles, well suited to your face.

You will find RX sunglasses from FreshforPandas far more pragmatic and convenient options for daily use. It solves almost all issues related to vision, including vision correction, reading, sun outing, driving and more without straining your eyes. However, it is recommended to visit a doctor and have an eye-exam before purchasing a pair.

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