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Iceni Magazine | March 3, 2021

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Event Tents: Ideas for Parties, Weddings and Business Gatherings

Event Tents: Ideas for Parties, Weddings and Business Gatherings

Event tents come in all shapes and sizes, they flexible in terms of layout and represent a fantastic option for a whole host of different events.

When looking for the best event tent rentals its important to know first what you need for your event. You should ask yourself firstly: How big of a tent do I need? As the size will depend on things such as number of people attending, will people be eating, will they need an area for dancing or other activities etc. Secondly What type of event am I hosting? (We will cover creative ideas for different types of events within the article) Finally where is the event going to be held? The area you plan to pitch the event tent will affect the type of tent that you will use. For example, a pole tent requires a soft surface like grass, or a frame tent that can be built on any surface but has less space.

Now you have considered these three things. We will explore three contrasting creative ideas for parties, weddings and business gatherings.

Party Spectacular

For parties, themed events can work extremely well, if properly executed, and what better theme than a circus or carnival motif. Here, the size of the event tent is important and your mantra as far as this is concerned should be “bigger is better”.

Instead of opting for a formal seating arrangement, why not look to create several lounging areas and then maybe some high tables that people can stand around as they chat and enjoy a glass of Champagne. Waiters, dressing uniformly, are the best way to distribute refreshments, this way there is no need for queuing up at a designated bar or overcrowding a drinks table.

Lighting is always key at event tent parties, but even more so if you go for a circus theme, in addition to the ambient lighting, using spot lights, that are manned, helps really capture the spirt of the “big top” atmosphere and can be used to highlight any performers you have brought in to bring the party to life. Choose an appropriate theme for the music that is to be played and ensure that the volume doesn’t stifle conversation too much. You will want to create a party like environment with the social environment maintained

The Master of Ceremonies (MC), will of course, be dressed as a ring master, but mustn’t be too overbearing when carrying out their duties; meet, greet and discrete enquiries as to how the evening is progressing is enough – this is cirque chic and so guests mustn’t feel pestered or obliged to join in with the show. In addition, to the MC, consider several other performers; jugglers, fire eaters, acrobats and dancers are all worthy options and should dress to impress – as far as the guests go, however, the dress code should smart casual – fancy dress is a little passé for an event like this.

Elegance and Romance

Choosing an event tent as the venue for a wedding throws up lots of exciting options and perhaps best of all it allows you to bring the outside inside. As weddings take place in the daytime and are all about elegance and romance, the site on which the tent or marquee is to be placed is key and a large garden, parkland or countryside are perfect accompaniments to the special day.

Inside the tent, the colour scheme needs to be light, preferably white or off-white. Seating arrangements should be formal in anticipation of the wedding breakfast, although ample space to move around is paramount. In addition to plates and cutlery, tables should be dressed with cloths, napkins and overflowing with flowers – wild cut flowers are an excellent choice. Guests should have a name card or a seat arrangement in place, so each guest knows when they will be seated.

For the entertainment of guests, consider live music, but nothing too loud or heavy – weddings are first and foremost social events and so people need to be able to chat. As the wedding moves into the evening, low key lighting will make for a romantic ambiance and can be enhanced with the addition of candles and lanterns. 

Strictly Business

If you are planning to use an event tent for a business gathering, the protocols are somewhat different, but vary slightly depending on the nature of the gathering. For example, if the gathering is for promotional reasons, then promotional materials and presentations are likely to feature heavily. If, however, the gathering is more focused on networking, then the set up will likely be less structured.

In either case, comfortable seating and tables that can accommodate the taking of notes and use of electronic equipment, such as laptop computers and tablets, is important – if you have the resources to facilitate WiFi, all the better. It is also a good idea to have several lounging areas, particularly if it is a networking event, where attendees can get together and talk privately.

There is no need for music at business gatherings, however, a sound system that can be used to make announcements is a good idea and should be part of a wider media set up that also includes a large screen where images and presentations can be shown.

Water, along with tea and coffee should be made readily available and if the gathering is to last more than around 4 hours, then a light meal should be factored in – there is no obligation for alcohol to be on offer, but if the event goes on through the afternoon and/or into the evening, it is worth considering.

Other considerations for all event types include parking arrangements, heating, walkways  for over soft ground and for evening events outdoor lighting. These things considered your event should be a roaring success.


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