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Iceni Magazine | October 16, 2021

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Don’t Forget to Consider these 5 Things While Changing Your Name

Changing Your Name

There can be moments in your life where you may be required to change your name or at least consider the possibility.

Well, we understand, and that is why we’ve compiled useful name-changing tips in the UK.

Take a look.

Is Name Change Necessary?

You don’t have to do it. It’s entirely up to you. Consider the emotional toll of losing your surname. The emotional toll of changing your surname is greater than the legalities and decision-making.

Some newlyweds are eager to take their partner’s name, while others struggle with the decision. It can be difficult for their partners to see their partners struggle to make the decision. For others, it can even hurt realizing that the other person does not want to change their name for them.

Many heterosexual men are also changing their names after marriage. So, it’s worth taking the time to think about how you feel about changing your name.

Note that it’s not necessary to start immediately. You can wait until you get your new passport or start deciding about children so that all the members can have the same surname. Remember, you can change your name at any time.

Does Changing Your Name Cost You Your Liberty?

While changing your name, you may feel that you are losing your identity by changing your surname for various reasons. You could feel like you are losing your identity.

Perhaps you have a successful career, or you are an only child and don’t want to give up the family name. While changing your name does not take away your independence or make you a bad person, it is a big decision that you must make.

Feelings of confusion while changing your name are normal.

How to Tell Your Partner?

It is an important decision to change your name. If you are unsure, talk to your partner before the wedding. If you want to avoid any arguments during the wedding planning process, it is best to communicate openly about the matter and explain that the name change is not against your partner but rather an important part of who you are and your choices.

Rules for Same-Gender Couples

There is no name-changing convention for same-sex couples who get married or enter into civil partnerships. Couples may still have a problem with the name changing. There is no legal standard for deciding who to share the surname or whether to change their names.

This can make things confusing. In this case, communication is crucial: it is important to communicate calmly and openly about your options before the ceremony.

Charges of Changing your Name

Most people can change their names for free. The government can also change your records free of charge. Money is an issue if you have just paid for your wedding and haven’t checked some legal boxes. For instance, some couples might need to change their names by deed poll from the UK Deed Poll Office.

This will cost them £4.44, while others may want to buy a passport under their new names. Also, remember that failing to notify the DVLA of a name change within 24 hours can result in a fine of up to £100.

Keeping both Maiden & Married Names

A popular choice for brides who are not ready to accept their husband’s names or have reasons to keep a connection to their maiden names is to use both.

You can choose to use your maiden or married name. You can most likely keep your maiden name at work. That way, there is no need to change business records, notify clients, or create business cards. After marriage, you can also “assume” your husband’s name (called assumed name).

It is legal for you to keep your rights to be known by your previous name. You can also change your name records at any time, free of cost. You need to have a marriage certificate, though.

Disclaimer: Kindly go through the website to make sure you are up to date with any recent name change laws in the UK.

Final Word

Changing your name in the UK (especially after marriage) can be done easily if you have the proper knowledge. Take cues from this comprehensive name change guide and make a wise decision!


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