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Iceni Magazine | April 21, 2021

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How Your Business Can Benefit From Pinterest Boards

How Your Business Can Benefit From Pinterest Boards

Pinterest Boards are the digital equivalent of a pin-board or scrapbook. Visitors to Pinterest usually visit to get information, ideas or inspiration from other members or brands. 

Boards can be public or private, but for the purposes of this article I’m focusing on public boards.

As a business, Pinterest is about building brand & product awareness, market authority, insight and ultimately sales. You need your products to be found by your audience so that means creating boards, pins and keywords specifically targeted towards them meaning that when they search for inspiration you appear in their feed.

Your boards could be a mixture of products, how to’s, or general curated inspirational / informative content (from other Pinners) that your followers might find interesting. The idea is that if you have a good balance of product/inspirational boards and content that your followers find interesting it’s less likely that they’ll need to go elsewhere, and you become their authority on everything related to
your market!

Agent Shave, an online traditional wet shaving supplies company based in Norfolk, is a good example of mixing product, insights and inspirational boards. They’ve got specific product content boards like ’Shaving Soap’, informational boards like ’Shaving Help & Advice’ and ‘Undercover Shaving Reports’ and then more general inspirational boards like ’Soldier’s Shaving’ and ‘Funny Shaving’. 

How Your Business Can Benefit From Pinterest Boards

To reinforce the difference between your product-based boards and general curated boards, you might consider starting the board with your name. An example of someone who does this is Next, who start all their boards with ‘Next |…’. Just remember some board titles will be initially truncated when viewing your profile, so ensure your Pins also convey a visual idea of what the board is about if your title does get truncated. This option obviously works if you’ve a short brand name or can abbreviate it. Alternatively, consider prefixing the general curated content boards with something appropriate instead. 

How Your Business Can Benefit From Pinterest Boards

To optimise your board for SEO, add keywords to your board description and pick a category to help the Pinterest better understand your board content and importance to your
intended audience.

When your board is viewed, it displays your pins in vertical columns, so consider creating some vertically longer pins as these have more visual impact in a feed. These are perfect for step-by-step’s, how-to’s or even a product launch! 

Finally, don’t forget if you’re creating boards to promote your own products or service, consider having a consistent image style to all your photos as this can help create brand cohesion and recall with your followers.

I hope these ideas on how to create or tweak Pinterest boards for your business have been helpful. 

If you need help managing your Pinterest Boards please get in touch
with me at or at @PKirk_designer

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