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Iceni Magazine | January 20, 2021

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Have you booked your Summer holiday yet?

Have you booked your Summer holiday yet?

We love holidays! Any family time is great, but when you’re away from home and you can’t be tempted to do any D.I.Y or check in with work, it’s even better. You are completely away from it all.

We’ve been away with other couples and their children before we had our own, our own family of four and also with extended family. We enjoyed them all, but each come with their own challenges and we’ve picked up a few tips along the way that we’d like to share with you!

Here are ten of our favourites, in no particular order!

  • Order for departure lounge – Ordering baby food items and sun cream to collect from the pharmacy in the departure lounge avoids any liquid restrictions at check in, and also doesn’t count in your luggage weight limits! This is all Becca, I never would have thought of this!
  • Pop up paddling pool – These are great for children that are only just sitting up, keeping the toys in one place and with a sun shade it protects little ones throughout the day! They’re Cheap and fold down small enough to pack easily!
  • New toys! – We buy some new toys to take with us. These aren’t expensive or large, but they keep the little ones occupied for longer as they’re completely unknown…perfect for hand luggage as the novelty of a plane soon wears off! Poundland or similar stores are great for this, as holidays are expensive enough!
  • Travel money – We usually split our money between cash and cards. The cards are fantastic and work just like a debit card. Most places accept them, and they’re far more secure than carrying lots of cash! However, you’ll definitely still want some cash for taxis, street vendors etc
  • Budget – Be realistic, and stick to it! Children won’t necessarily remember the souvenirs but will remember the time spent with family!
  • Be prepared – You can ease the stresses of a family holiday by preparing well; items such as European Health Insurance Cards and ESTAs need to be organised in advance. Researching local amenities and checking in as early as possible make your first day on holiday a lot easier!
  • Travel Time – Allow enough time to return home and then back to the airport in case of breakdown issues! Don’t forget to arrive in plenty of time for your flight! It’s better to be bored at an airport, then disappointed at home!
  • Hotel Confirmation – Print it! Don’t rely on hotel wifi to find your confirmation details…this is true for all documents! Basically, take a paper copy of everything!
  • Pushchair – Even if your little one doesn’t use one at home now, often the heat abroad makes them tired and they may need to rest more often!
  • Baby Carrier – These are fantastic abroad, where some places may not be as accessible with a buggy. Perfect for walks, markets, public transport and in the airport where you need as many free hands as possible for all that luggage!

If you have any more tips for travelling with children, we’d love to hear from you! More of our travelling tips can be found on our blog!

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Tom & Becca

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