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Iceni Magazine | August 16, 2022

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5 Tips For Buying Car Mats

5 Tips For Buying Car Mats

Purchasing a car mat can be difficult. However, with the right information, you can make the entire purchasing process a breeze.

There are likely going to be several things you ask yourself before making your purchasing decision. As the largest car mat manufacturer in the UK, we have everything you could want covering. No matter what requirements you have, we have something for you. Whether it’s a specific aesthetic, make, model, or material – we’ve got you covered. Picking the right car mat can make a big difference. Not only does it ensure you protect your car’s interior flooring, but it can keep you from having to replace your car mats sooner than you would like. Taking your time to identify the right mats can help you a lot when it comes to buying the right mats for your vehicle.

  1. Find The Right Fit

There are numerous things you can do to find the mat that fits the best. We have a new “search by registration” feature that you can use. You’ll find it directly on our home page. By using it, you can easily enter your make and model and figure out what car mats are compatible with it. This way, you can get a mat that’s been customized to fit perfectly with your exact make and model like these Fiesta car mats.

  1. Choose The Material

Once you’ve identified what size is right for your car, you’re going to need to identify the right material. You will have around 15 different ranges of mats that you can choose from and each one comes with its unique value proposition. Some of the mats we have are made out of rubber and some are made out of carpet. We have different grades for each material, as well. Also, you’ll find different styles and designs. A simple thing you need to do is figure out your preferences. Are you looking more for durability? If so, rubber is likely your best bet. However, if you are looking for the aesthetics and feel of carpet, that may be preferable for you. If you want both, you may think it’s impossible, but we have just the mat for you. Look at our “exclusive tailored car mats” and you will find they are made out of carpet but yet have the durability you would get from a rubber mat. Our tailored mats are incredibly competitively priced starting at only £18.95. You can find the UK’s largest selection of different colors and grades that will help you find the right aesthetics for your car’s interior. Also, we offer heel pad protection to ensure you keep everything well maintained on your vehicle’s floor.

Do you prefer rubber? Rubber is not only durable but it’s designed to be easy to wash and maintain and it doesn’t degrade as easily. We have different types of designs and thicknesses you can choose from. You can find out more by checking out our standard, premium, and even our executive mats collections.

  1. Customizing Your Mat

Once you’ve decided on your size and your mat range, you’re going to be tasked with choosing its look and feel. There are plenty of options to choose from making it difficult to figure out where to start. Firstly, you’ll want to choose the grade of rubber or carpet. Keep in mind, that the thicker and more durable the material, the more it will cost. Therefore, you may want to spend more on longer-lasting mats. However, you will also get more styles and color combos to choose from when you spend more. Therefore, you may want to upgrade the grade no matter if you choose rubber or carpet. For instance, if you are on a carpet mat set and the base grade sits at 1580g, you will want to make the jump to 2200g. By doing this, you will be getting a 2x thicker mat which means you’re getting a much more durable mat that is bound to last longer. The higher the grade number, the longer lasting your mat will be.

  1. Personalize The Mat

This one is going to depend on your personal preferences and taste. Perhaps you want to keep things subtle and get a mat that blends in with your car’s neutral interior. Or perhaps you want to spice things up and get a color that stands out. Regardless, you’ll want to consider your options. The one you end up choosing needs to be right. We have been offering customers the chance to purchase high-quality car mats for over 32 years. Therefore, we’ve seen it all. Our advice for choosing the right color would be to figure out what you want from it. If you don’t love bright colors that stand out, you may want to opt for something more subtle like black or grey. If you have a choice of a heel pad color, you could always keep things simplistic and go with something that matches the main color of your car’s carpet.

  1. Get Even More Protection

As mentioned previously, you want to upgrade the grade of rubber you get. This is the very first step you need to do. From there, you want to look t the protection options available. We offer Diamondbrite Stain Protection for as little as under £7. Our carpet stain protection will deliver you unbeatable protection for your mats. IT will protect it from daily wear and tear spillage and other exposure to moisture. With a minor investment in stain protection, you can enhance the durability and lifespan of your mats further. If you’re going to add a heel pad to the mix, you could always upgrade to rubber. A rubber heel pad is both durable and offers you excellent protection. You can get the full-width heel pad which is patent-protected for only £7.99. This can enhance the lifespan of your car mat by a significant amount due to the protection of the patented design. It can increase the lifespan of your driver’s mat by as much as three times. This is a major advantage for only a minor cost. There is no better way to get more life out of your already durable car mats.

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