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Iceni Magazine | May 29, 2022

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4 Things You Need When Doing a DIY Home Remodel

4 Things You Need When Doing a DIY Home Remodel

Some people are handy and can remodel their homes themselves. Other people are handy and they have the skills needed to do a major home makeover the right way.

Whether you fall into either of these categories, you are about to take on a massive project that is going to affect your space, the way you live for a time, and your time as you work hard to get the job done. There are a few things you are going to desperately need on this endeavor, so here are four things you are going to need for your DIY remodel.

Brushless, Cordless Compact Drill

Don’t ruin your wrists. You are going to need them for all the work that has to get done. Using a handheld screwdriver is not going to cut it. With a cordless drill, you will have the power and torque you need to get any kind of screw in or out of new walls, cabinets, or floors. A power drill makes everything fast and everything fit a lot better. The drill comes in handy when you place things back to where they belong whether it’s hanging TVs on the walls or putting furniture back together.

Dumpsters and Skips

If you are doing a major home renovation, don’t begin until you have a dumpster or skip. You are going to produce a lot of debris, garbage, and left over materials, so find a company with skips for sale and make sure you make room on the street or driveway to place your bin. Having this process of disposal already set up before you begin will give you the opportunity to keep your workspace, home, and surrounding property neat, clean, and free of messes that can cause accidents or injury.

Wet/Dry Vac

A wet/dry vac will save your life. Not only can it clean up water or liquids that may have gotten on the floor or in your work area, but it can also work as a regular vacuum and clean up any dirt and dust that has fallen into cracks and crevices and it will help you in a pinch no matter what gets on your floor. This is an effective way to clean up a work area before mopping or additional sweeping to clean up everything after your remodel. It will help keep your workspace super clean.

Get or Rent a Truck

If you are not in the market to buy a new truck, rent one. Having a truck on hand to pull heavy bins, to load up garbage, and to buy and move new materials to your home for the renovation will save you so much time worrying about how you are going to do it all. Rent a truck and you will find that you can do just about anything. Especially for the long hauls and hauling long wooden planks, sheetrock, insulation, or massive boxes of tiles. Trucks have the durability and suspension to haul all you need for your DIY masterpiece.

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