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Iceni Magazine | December 3, 2020

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10% of Britain’s Workforce are Productive for Less than 1 Hour a Day


The average Brit is ‘at their best’ for just four-and-a-half hours a day, new research reveals.

Tiredness, energy slumps and constant distractions from the internet and our colleagues mean we are only functioning at our best for just a few hours per day.

While worryingly more than one in ten feel on form for as little as an hour or less per day.

The research, by Tilda Basmati rice, found as many as one in six always start the day feeling tired before they have even begun, while 57 per cent often feel lethargic at work.

And for 83 per cent, eating the wrong foods and a lack of exercise means the slump continues well into the evening, while the average adult feels completely shattered three nights a week, results showed.

Results showed that a lack of energy is having a massive effect on our daily lives, with the average adult making six mistakes a week at work due to tiredness or a slump – 288 per year.

Zoning out in a meeting is the most common tired-induced slip-up along with sending an email to the wrong person, oversleeping and forgetting about a meeting or special occasion.

It also emerged Brits could be mistakenly turning to the wrong foods when they need an energy boost, with coffee, chocolate and tea the most popular options for a pick-me-up.

Worryingly, more than half admit to relying on tea or coffee to get them through their slump, while another 48 per cent turn to chocolate whenever they feel drained.

Dr Sarah Schenker dietitian and member of the British Dietetic Association said: “It’s not surprising to hear that many people turn to sugary snacks in an attempt to boost energy levels, but actually this is a mistake as the energy is short-lived and they quickly feel just as tired as they did before.

“Sometimes this can lead to a negative cycle of snacking and feeling lethargic, which could ultimately lead to weight gain.

“Breaking deeply-ingrained snacking habits to make sensible food choices that reflect lifestyle and energy needs can be the turning point for many to overhaul energy levels and improve wellbeing.”

Camilla Sheeley for Tilda Basmati Rice said: “The research shows that, for the majority of our day, we’re far from feeling at our best energy-wise.

“That means so much of our waking day, whether at home or work, is being navigated on low levels of energy – making us prone to mistakes, mood temperaments and lower general health.

“Such results call for a review in terms of the way we gain energy and think about what we are putting into our bodies. It’s important that people understand the way they get energy from their food and review intakes of caffeine and sugar.”

However, the study found 62 per cent of Brits admit they have routines or habits which could be to blame for the lack of energy with more than four in ten admitting they often go to bed too late.

Another 39 per cent watch TV late into the night, more than a third stare at their mobile or tablet screen before going to sleep and 32 per cent eat late.

In typical British fashion, chocolate and tea were cited were picked by Brits as the best energy boosts-with people far more likely to suggest these over nuts or fruit.

Camilla Sheeley for Tilda Basmati Rice added: “With research revealing nearly twenty hours a day are spent performing below par, we wanted to help people understand their personal energy need states and make small lifestyle changes that mean they can start to feel at their best.”

Tilda Basmati rice® has developed Be at Your Best, a guide to help people understand how food can affect energy levels and inspire healthy lifestyle choices. To download the guide visit, @TildaBasmati #Atyourbest

Top ten bad habits

1. Go to bed too late
2. Watch TV late at night
3. Look at tablet or mobile screens late at night or before going to bed
4. Eat too late
5. Skip breakfast
6. Constantly looking at your mobile phone
7. Look at tablet or mobile screens as soon as you wake up
8. Drink alcohol before going to bed
9. Have lay-ins
10. Drink caffeinated drinks within three hours of going to bed

Top ten foods Brits think give you energy

1. Coffee
2. Chocolate
3. Tea
4. Fruit
5. A handful of nuts
6. Energy drinks
7. Dark chocolate
8. Sandwiches
9. Sweets
10. Oat based snack

Top ten mistakes caused by a lack of energy

1. Zone out or glaze over during important meetings
2. Get confused about the day of the week
3. Forget why you entered a room
4. Sent an email to the wrong person
5. Overslept
6. Forgot about a special occasion
7. Do work you have already done
8. Forgot your PIN
9. Forgot to go to a meeting
10. Mess-up tea rounds

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