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Iceni Magazine | June 11, 2021

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Why We Play The Lottery (and always will)

Why We Play The Lottery

When it comes to lotteries, Lottoland probably has more lottery winners than any other company in the world. Why?

Because Lottoland is a unique offshore casino company and an industry leader. Lottoland is played online. Their state of the art programs offers the latest and greatest in casino games and computer hardware. The lottery tickets that you see online look exactly like the ones you see in your states, cities, national lotteries, and regions. The rules are the same and the experience is the same. Most importantly, the prizes are the same.

Lottoland pays

There is one difference. When you are betting on a lottery from your hometown, you are betting that you will select the numbers to the lottery and that makes you a winner. When you bet with Lottoland, you bet on the results of the hometown lottery. If you bet the numbers that the winner of your national lottery won with, you are a winner. Lottoland pays you. Small wins are paid directly into your account and large winnings are paid directly to you by their insurance company which is also owned by Lottoland. They are licensed and insured and have been making millionaires globally for years.

Why do people play when the odds are against them?

In 2013 an 84-year-old Gloria MacKenzie in the United States went to a local market and placed $2.00 on the counter to buy her weekly lottery ticket. She risked the same criticism all of us face when we ignore those who shake their heads and advise us to save our money. She was advised by one gentleman that the odds were so against her that if she filled out a lottery ticket for 12 hours per day for 55 years, she would still only have a 50/50 chance of winning the lottery. Still, Mrs. MacKenzie placed her weekly bet.

Mrs. MacKenzie was not really betting on the lottery. None of us are really betting on the lottery. She was betting on hope. She was paying $2.00 rental on her dreams. Maybe she dreamed of spending her final years sailing around the world on a luxury yacht. Maybe she wanted to leave a fortune to her grandchildren or to build an amusement park in the town square. Whatever her dreams are, she paid her $2.00 and she is entitled to them.

It just so happened, luck was on her side that day. Mrs. MacKenzie won her lottery. She won a jackpot of $590.5 million dollars.

This is just one example. The story repeats itself over and over. People do not have a concept of the odds. They are too remote to understand. They are renting dreams and investing in hope. They play their money because “you never know” and “somebody is going to win” and that is a good enough reason to buy a ticket instead of a soda and chips.

The lottery is recession-proof, depression proof, and always worth a try.

A New game gives you 5 chances to win a £1 million

Lottoland has a new game called Lotto X5 five. Pick your 6 numbers from 1-59 on the next Lotto x5 draw.

That’s because every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, a £1 bet allows you to pick 6 numbers (1-59) which are then entered into five separate draws.

There’s a £1 million prize in each, meaning five chances to win the jackpot.

Lotto X5 is only at Lottoland.

It’s Bad, It’s Sad, It Takes Advantage Of The Poor, We Protest!

As much as we enjoy the stories like the one above about our elderly winner, Mrs. MacKenzie, there are stories all over the internet by informed and educated people with lots of reports, numbers, and statistics to back them up explaining why we should make playing the lottery illegal. They say the lottery attracts the poor and the uneducated. It says it takes the dollar from the hand that can least afford it and gives them nothing but broken dreams. It leaves them broke and disillusioned and in communities with no school funding, no social programs, and no future.

We think this is painting our social issues with a very wide brush. Lottery tickets are not sold to children. Only an adult can decide to buy a lottery ticket. If a poor person lives in an area with no school programs, social programs, and his employment opportunities are limited, this is an issue he needs to take up with his community leaders. It is a safe bet (no pun intended) that he did not check with his gambling commission when he chose to move there and certainly not when he sought employment or education.

It is true that some people have illnesses and addictions which must be treated and those people must be helped and not catered to in a gambling environment. Casino operators (even online) watch for signs that a patron may have a problem and take action to help. Most casinos have help available and there are help programs listed online. As with any addiction, a person close to the addict is usually the one who will step in before a vendor will spot a problem. We must be careful not to accuse or discriminate based on what we “think” could be happening.

Lottery ticket sales are usually seen for what they are. A small investment by someone who enjoys the excitement and the dream for a little while. They are not a scam. People bet and people win. Most people agree lottery tickets are just little investments in dreams.


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