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Iceni Magazine | April 9, 2020

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Thinking about an extended car warranty? Here is what you need to know

Thinking about an extended car warranty?

When you buy a car, whether you are buying from a car dealership brand new or perhaps a second hand car then chances are that you are going to be offered an extended warranty.

You may be used to taking out an extended warranty for a bit of tech or something in your home, but the same probably isn’t said for your car.  However, extended car warranty is definitely something that you should consider taking up if you are offered it.

But what is an extended car warranty and what do you need to know about these policies?

What is an extended car warranty?

In its most simple form, an extended car warranty is a warranty that is going to last longer than one that comes with the car, usually offered directly by the manufacturer. This warranty is essentially a promise that the third-party company which is covering you will either repair any defects within your car; or they will replace any parts that are not working as they should.

Whilst many of the perks might be the same as what you received with your manufacturer’s warranty, the cover will be provided by a third-party company and you will need to organise it and find the best cover for you.

The idea of an extended car warranty is that it provides you with peace of mind, should anything go wrong with your car. If this does happen, you will be able to take it to an authorised garage (or maybe even back to the dealership where it was bought from) and have the issues taken care off. All without having to worry about paying for these repairs to be made out of your own pocket.

What are some of the key factors that you should know about extended car warranties?

Depending on where you take out your extended car warranty, you will find that there are things that it will include and things that it won’t include. You can take out cover that is known as comprehensive, this will cover everything that is within the interior and exterior of your car.

These types of warranties will cost more than others, this is because they will pay out for repairs on much more things. If you need to save yourself money, then you can book a much lower level of cover (perhaps like covering for just the engine) however, you will need to keep in mind that this will mean that there is a much greater chance you will need to pay out for a repair that you might not be able to afford.

You need to keep in mind that every single warranty provider will give you a different level of cover. When you keep this in mind then you will realise that in order to get the right deal you are going to need to shop around. This will help you to not only find the right price, but also to make sure that the cover that you take out is going to help you at a time of need.


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