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Iceni Magazine | December 16, 2018

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Social Media: Create Great Instagram Captions

Social Media: Create Great Instagram Captions

We all know a photo is worth a thousand words but with Instagram the text caption that accompanies your photographic masterpiece is equally important to get your post seen by even more people, achieve more likes and raise those engagements with your audience.

Your text caption should add brand value to your photo, give a little bit of personality, inform and entertain your audience and most importantly have a strong message/call to action. Your text caption can be up to 2,200 characters in length and have up to 30 hashtags!

Don’t go overboard though – keep your text caption relevant, light and informative and always consider your audience and make sure that what you use is relevant and will be understood by them – for instance should you use emojis or abbreviated phrases. Also, consider your brand ‘voice’ – use humour where appropriate and try to keep it light – unless you really are after a somber, formal tone – in which case you need to consider if Instagram is
for you?

You might have up to 2,200 characters but that doesn’t mean you have to use them all. Your audience will potentially scroll quickly through their feed so ensure your most important attention-grabbing text is at the beginning of your caption (first few lines) then if you have more of a story to tell add it – including any hashtags or @mentions. Your audience can then choose to tap the ‘more’ to reveal the rest of your post.

Instagram works best when you have quality, focused hashtags to accompany your photo and caption. Hashtags are how your post can be searched for by your audience so ensuring you have focused hashtags is important – try to avoid broad terms as these will not draw in relevant new followers. 

Just remember, make the caption compelling – there’s nothing worse than posting an open question and not getting any responses!

Do a bit of hashtag research first if you need to. If you intend to use a lot of hashtags I’d suggest adding these at the end of your caption. Once you’ve typed in your caption add a single “.” or “-“ or “*” character to a few lines then enter all your hashtags. 

This way they won’t clutter up your main caption and will be below the 3-4 lines of visible text on your post. In the end, whether you put hashtags directly in your text caption or after it the choice is really up to you and what you feel works best for your brand.

I mentioned earlier about raising engagement on your posts – a great way to do this is to pose an open question – something that doesn’t involve a one-word answer and something that’ll illicit engagement from your audience – maybe ask for their tips on something or their thoughts on a particular subject. 

Just remember, make the caption compelling – there’s nothing worse than posting an open question and not getting any responses! To help improve your chances of getting engagement you could use @mention and see if they’ll help spread the word.

And finally, if you want to embrace Instagram then at some point you have to embrace emojis too. They can help draw your audience’s eyes to your post and they also add a bit of personality to your posts – use wisely though!

So, there you have it a few simple tips to make a great text caption to compliment your Instagram photographic masterpiece. 

If you need more information or help  on how Instagram could work for your  business please get in touch with me at  paulkirkdesign.co.uk or at @PKirk_designer

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