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Iceni Magazine | February 22, 2019

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It’s not sales, it’s a way of life

It’s not sales, it’s a way of life

People’s barriers start to rise the minute they hear the word ‘sales’. Images of cheap-suited, fast-talking phone drones appear, desperately trying to sell something nobody wants or needs. Scarier for some are the words ‘sales training’ – being taught how to give the hard sell, hit the targets and seal the deal no matter what. This ruthless vision harks back to the Eighties and is still conjured up in many minds when dealing with the topic of sales. This figure is outdated however, and the sales training that Naked Element receive couldn’t be further from it.

The Naked Element team are trained weekly through the ‘Sandler’ methodology by Ermine Amies who uses psychology to understand potential clients (and occasionally coloured plastic dinosaurs). The Sandler style encourages businesses to affect lasting changes in how they operate, not a big buck quick fix. Sandler offers a systematic approach to sales, rather than focussing solely on sales targets. It’s about understanding people and their needs, about building relationships. It also offers the opportunity to get support and advice from peers, to share ‘war stories’ and help to expand each other’s knowledge and gain practical experience of a sales environment.

While not everyone will think they have the time or money to invest in such training, for those who are serious about improving their business skills and broadening their professional repertoire it can prove invaluable. It improves relationships between a business and their potential customers, increases the number of positive interactions between them and ultimately leads to an increase in successful results! When Naked Element makes a sales call, they really do want to get to know you and your business first, and sell you something second.

Words by Lauren

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