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Iceni Magazine | November 13, 2018

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Introducing: Nothing Clothing Company

What is it?

Nothing Clothing is the “UK’s premier good-cause brand” We use popular culture such as fashion, music and events to give back and support others. Formed only in DEC 14 the brand is already hitting the press and can count some heavy hitters in the celebrity world as it followers.

What inspired Nothing?

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 13.44.01I had a very successful multi-chain business at 20 and you could say I was pretty comfortable with what I had. To cut a long story short I made silly decisions, lost the business and lost several friends as I became somebody that I wasn’t. I was in a bad place and thankfully Emma my fiancée and the friends that I did have pulled me through it. I decided from this moment that I would never be motivated by money again or certainly wouldn’t allow it to change me. With this It was in my mind that I wanted to give back to others and planned aid work in third world countries. Due to wars and terrorism, I was unable to do this and set about planning another method.

I came up with an idea of spreading awareness and inspiration to help others, whilst building a feel good vibe.

“It is not who we are, or who we can be, but what we do”

This vibe needed a starting point and much like my own story I wanted to place the focus on not what it is, but what it does. Although nothing is billed as a brand, the logo serves only to show others that you have cared for others! A badge of honour if you like. We put it out there from day one that we do not care about our name ( ITS WHY WE’RE CALLED NOTHING) The brand is actually a feeling!

How can a feeling be a brand?

We all love the feeling of doing something great for others. We love seeing a smiling face as they open our gifts. Now imagine having this same feeling every time that you put our clothing back on. Not only will you look and feel great in a fashion sense – You will be reminded that you enriched someone’s life! better still our logo will also demonstrate to others how wonderful you are.

You will see the nothing logo in the mirror and feel the heartbeat of a small child you just helped save. You will feel the warmth of the homeless taken off the streets, and feel the confidence of helping someone with learning difficulties.

When people comment on how happy you seem today – This is the BRAND

Our History?

Who cares? We do not sell sell a brand history – we sell a piece of a persons future!

Just another clothes shop?

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 13.46.34Hell no! – The clothing side is literally one percent of our future plans. nothing is designed to be a vehicle of inspiration and to promote greatness. Where you see us being worn you see true care! people do not just follow a name – they follow a movement.

Here is to the future: We will prove that Nobody should never have NOTHING

Stores opened to become retail and business training academies for unskilled, disabled, reformed prisoners, and gang members

Charities will be able to purchase sets of clothing at massively reduced rates and sell on for full retail prices

We will work with student designers, models, photographers, and start up brands to provide a platform for further development selling their designs.

Work with up and coming music acts to provide backings for ours and our charities videos and events

Nothing is designed to make charity ‘cool again’ removing the bucket shakers and providing volunteering services & care. We associate with things currently trending and ensure that the ethos is solid right the way through.

It is true that we are the first brand in the world to say it is not about our name. We do not care what we look like, and certainly are not bothered by celebrities wanting fees to wear our clothes.

People must earn the right to wear NOTHING !

To Find Out More About the Nothing Clothing Company

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