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Iceni Magazine | May 17, 2018

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Over half of Londoners happy with transport, but less than 10 per cent content with housing

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New research investigates what we value in the capital and the source of our sense of pride in our communities

New research released today (27/07/2017) has uncovered how people living in London really feel about the capital, with nearly half (49%) feeling very attached, compared with 40% to England, 39% to the UK and only 31% to Europe.

Overall Londoners felt most proud of having good transport links (54%), followed by good outside spaces (47%), then the people in their local community (38%).

When it comes to individual boroughs, those living in Richmond consider themselves foodies with over two thirds (67%) believing that their local restaurants are something to be proud of; with the people of Kingston most proud of their shopping and leisure options (59%) and those in Camden taking most pride in their knowledge of local history (48%).

Conversely low levels of pride exist in areas such as housing (8.5%), local artists (9%), the cleanliness of our streets (23%) and local schools (23%). The areas that feel the least proud of new improved housing are Croydon, Haringey and Harrow (all at 0%).

Almost three in five Londoners (58%) are unaware of what improvements are planned in their local area over the next five years – with only eight per cent citing housing as being the most positive thing to happen to their area in the last five years.

A further 1 in 5 say they felt that there has been no positive improvements to their area in the past five years.

Director at Regenerate London plc, Sebastian Whitton said: “When it comes to housing in London, continuing population growth means the situation is worsening by the day.

“We remain deeply concerned over the speed at which the planning process is moving in London and are sceptical whether these ambitious targets will ever be achieved.  London’s boroughs must look to move more efficiently in granting consents and face the housing crisis head on.  Many are sitting on perfectly suitable sites, occupied by under-utilised or abandoned buildings, but few have the capability to develop these sites.  The borough councils must adopt a more commercial stance and demonstrate that they really are willing and committed to tackling London’s housing crisis.  For many, working in partnership with commercial entities is the only feasible option.”

Regenerate London plc draws on the Affinity heritage and is working closely with the borough councils to get the planning wheels turning more quickly in a drive to ease the plight facing London’s growing populace.



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