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Iceni Magazine | April 24, 2018

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From ‘Cave’ Man To House Proud Husband

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Study Reveals Style Conscious Males Are On The Rise

  • Three quarters of British men have a new-found interest in interior design
  • 42% of men wish they could have more input into decorating their home
  • Over 75% of males don’t believe their home reflects their personality and style

New research reveals modern men are becoming increasingly style conscious when it comes to their home.

Nearly three quarters (74%) of males in a recent study stated they have a new-found interest in interior design, closing the gap to 89% of females.

The study conducted by interior specialists supports the philosophy that society is increasingly distancing itself from old ideals of gender stereotypes.

The modern man is a very different creature to his predecessors with younger generations showing more interest in the home than older men.

It’s being fuelled by the increasing use of social platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest to gather ideas and inspiration, as Pinterest reported a 73% increase in male users in 2014*.

2 in 5 (38%) male respondents are going to Instagram to find inspiration for styles, colours and looks before decorating. This is compared to just 1 in 20 (5%) 45-54 year olds who do this.

Although males are more house-proud, three quarters (74%) of those surveyed don’t feel their home reflects their personal style and 42% wish they could have more input into decorating decisions.

Surprisingly, a quarter of respondents (25%) admitted they actually feel powerless when it comes to making decorating decisions yet 4 in 5 (82%) truly believe they make good style choices.

Men’s interest in the look of interiors comes as gender roles in DIY activity shift, with 3 in 5 (61%) women taking on more traditionally male roles such as stripping wallpaper, painting and assembling flat pack furniture.

David White and Mark Russell, interior bloggers at Forward Features said, “We’ve noticed an increase in classic design which is why we think men have become more interested in interiors. It’s more possible now to experiment with different looks that give you the possibility to create a home that’s an extension of your personality. 

“People always consider interior design as a female dominated industry, however designers such as Tom Dixon, Lee Broom and Daniel Hopwood demonstrate how men are creating incredible design and becoming leaders in our field.”

Gareth Durbridge at said, “Over the last 12 months we’ve noticed a significant increase in house-proud male customers.

“But while we’re finding more men are choosing the soft furnishings for their home, it’s also common they have a looser understanding of their interior style than women, often ordering a wider variety or fabric samples and asking more questions, whereas women usually contact us with a defined vision in mind.

“To help customers define their interior personality we’ve designed this quick quiz with style guides and expert advice on how to embrace different trends in the home.”

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