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Iceni Magazine | March 16, 2018

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Food & Drink

VIP Style: The Most Exclusive Bars in Norwich

March 12, 2018 |

Hidden away from much of the UK, Norwich offers an incredible nightlife for all kinds of occasions.

In fact, Norwich was awarded the ATCM Purple Flag award for its excellence in managing the city centre in the … Read More

Drink & Dine With These Modern Twists

February 5, 2018 |

1.    Gin & Tea Cocktail Gift Set £30 from Root7

Let the par-tea begin! It’s gin o’clock and the mad hatter’s been invited, so we’ll be having our favourite drink in style “one sugar, please … Read More

Make Mum’s Day With This Fabulous Collection Of Fizz

January 30, 2018 |

We all want to treat our mums to something luxurious on Mother’s Day, whether it’s chocolates, flowers or a delicious bottle of fizz.

That’s why we’ve selected the best sparkling wines, Proseccos and champagnes on the market to … Read More

The Thirst Consultants: Nibbles & Tipples January

January 3, 2018 |

I must admit that I am excited about 2018, not only for my business but also others in the region.

Foundations have been built over the last year, with hard work and the support of the community I … Read More

Get Your Party Started With New Slingshots!

October 23, 2017 |

A new dual flavoured shot drink in three great flavours

The traditional pre-going out routine is about to be shaken up with the launch of the fun and innovative Slingshots. The exciting dual-flavoured shots will hit UK shelves … Read More

The Body Boosting Spices – You Should Be Consuming

October 20, 2017 |

When you’re being told to consume less meat, less sugar, less dairy and drink less alcohol, it can be hard to know what you are allowed to eat. But, the good news is that there are still plenty of foods … Read More

3 Top Places In Norwich To Find Your Favourite Food

August 30, 2017 |

“A Deliveroo Moped Delivery Rider/Driver” (CC BY 2.0) by shopblocks

Although England may not be known for its cuisine, Norwich does have a very vibrant foodie scene, including access to a number of establishments serving food from all around the world. … Read More

Funkin Cocktails launches new all-in-one cocktail shaker

May 23, 2017 |

Just add spirit to make cocktails at home more quickly and easily than ever before.

Forget fiddling around with bar equipment and buying expensive ingredients, enjoying and making top quality cocktails is now quicker and easier than ever … Read More

Festive Cocktail Creations This Christmas

October 7, 2016 |

Why not try one of Parlay’s festive tipples sure to warm the cockles on these cold, crisp wintery nights. This hidden gem is something surely not to missed! To be enjoyed with friends and family its … Read More

10 superfoods to help shift those extra pounds

September 27, 2016 |

Slow and steady wins the race, but not all of us want our metabolisms to plod around like a tortoise! Want to shift those extra few pounds, but want to stay healthy and clear from those Fad diets?

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