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Iceni Magazine | August 18, 2017

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Social media terms of service putting children at risk, warns privacy advocate

August 16, 2017 |

New research into the wording of terms and conditions used by social media giants like Twitter and Snapchat suggests children are unlikely to comprehend the amount of personal data they are sharing.

Internet privacy advocate is calling … Read More

National Rollercoaster Day 2017: Timeline celebrates the 200th anniversary of the rollercoaster

August 16, 2017 |

The antidote for adrenaline junkies everywhere – the rollercoaster – turns 200 this year.

It’s been two centuries since the first rollercoaster in Paris started taking thrill-seekers on trips to nowhere and ever since the ride has developed … Read More

Parents Hand Down 29 “Nuggets of Wisdom” to their Children

August 15, 2017 |

Parents hand down 29 nuggets of wisdom to their children – including ‘get an education’, ‘always try your best’ and ‘if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all’.

A new study of 2,000 adults revealed … Read More

Taking Care Of Safety For Your Employees During Office Renovation

August 15, 2017 |

Office Renovation: As a business owner, you must know how essential it is to have a well-kempt space for your operations, no matter the situation you are in.

If your office space is shabby and unfurnished, your clients … Read More

Don’t Stop Believing! Kids are Over Magic, Unicorns & Fairies by Age Six

August 14, 2017 |

Modern kids stop believing in magic aged six – two years earlier than their parent’s generation, according to research.

Researchers found youngsters start doubting the existence of magic and creatures like unicorns, fairies and elves at this age.

Read More

Brits Invest in Rare Books, Records and Toys Instead of Paying Into Savings Accounts

August 14, 2017 |

Low interest rates are forcing Brits to switch traditional savings for more quirky investments – including books, vinyl records and TOYS.

First editions by famous authors top the alternative investment chart, followed by collectable coins, toys, antiques and … Read More

British Drivers are Baffled by their Car Dashboards

August 14, 2017 |

Millions of British motorists are driving their cars without any knowledge of the symbols on the dashboard, according to new research.

A study of 2,000 drivers shows nine in 10 have had a symbol pop up on the … Read More

NorDev: JavaScript Starter Kit – Beginners Full Day Workshop

August 12, 2017 |

Date: 9:00 am to 4:45 pm, Thursday 5th October 2017

Location: The King’s Centre, King Street, Norwich, NR1 1PH

Price: £50.00 per person

Level: beginner

Prerequisites: Laptop with wifi, modern … Read More

Moshing, Skinny Dipping and Karaoke: The Things Brits Consider ‘Living Dangerously’

August 11, 2017 |

Living Dangerously: Brits consider straying from their normal choice in a restaurant, sitting in a reserved seat on the train and not closing the curtains while changing as ‘adventurous’, a study has found.

While 36 per cent of … Read More

Brits Spend Just 8% of their Earnings on Things They Enjoy

August 11, 2017 |

The average Brit spends just eight per cent of their earnings on enjoying themselves, according to research.

A study of 2,000 adults revealed nearly two thirds spend more of their hard-earned cash on unwanted outgoings such as car … Read More

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