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Iceni Magazine | March 16, 2018

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Auto-Parent: Eight In Ten Modern Parents Confess They Are On ‘Auto-Pilot’ Mode Most Days

Eight In Ten Modern Parents Confess They Are On 'Auto-Pilot' Mode Most Days

  • The average parent dedicates over 14 hours of their day to others
  • With over 25 tasks to be done every day, Brits are stressed with pressures of parenthood
  • Families are feeling disconnected due to their hectic lives

A new wave of parents has been identified following fresh research revealing eight out of ten have confessed they feel like they are on ‘autopilot’ most days.

Dubbed the ‘Auto-parent’, this modern breed has declared that ‘being on auto’ is the only way to get them through a hectic day. 

According to research from Dorset Cereals, the average British mum spends a staggering 14.5 HOURS A DAY (60 percent) undertaking tasks for the family, with modern dads just behind with 10 HOURS (42 percent).

Although we have modern technology and services at our finger tips, it looks like we are STILL following in the footsteps of our parents and facing the same challenges they did. While certain aspects of the parenting process have become easier, parents reveal life has got no less stressful.

The poll of 2,000 mums and dads unveiled that the rat race of the modern age has forced time-strapped parents to juggle both family life and career, leaving 71 percent of parents feeling “disconnected” from their family due to their fast and busy lives. Over two thirds of mums and dads declared that they feel pressure to become the “perfect parent” and have everything in control like they felt their parents did.

And it is not surprising that we don’t have time to slow down, the average parent has a whopping 22 household tasks to complete each day BEFORE THEY LEAVE THE HOUSE. With mums undertaking 25 chores a day and dads also tackling an impressive 18, it isn’t surprising to hear that a staggering 83 percent regularly feel at their wits end.

Constant cleaning and tidying emerged as the biggest bug bear, with almost half (48 percent) saying if they could transfer the responsibility to someone else, they would. Ironing the school uniform came second (14 percent) followed by emptying the bins and taking out the rubbish (12 percent).

Nearly half (49 percent) said that breakfast is the most stressful part of the day, with the daily rush to get out of the door taking its toll. Sitting down for breakfast was once norm for previous generation, however modern life has made this fall from the morning agenda, with just 8 percent making the time to come together to enjoy breakfast.

Beverley Woodward, Brand Manager for Dorset Cereals commented on the findings; “As a nation we seem to have adopted a fast-paced way of life. It is clear to see why some parents feel stretched, with running a household and caring for the family, all whilst juggling work commitments. With our hectic schedules, spending quality time together can feel rushed. While we understand it may not always be possible, we are urging families to try and carve out time so precious moments that make up our everyday aren’t missed. We believe you should start as you mean to go on, so why not try to slow down one morning and savour the moments with your family.”

To help facilitate time for families to come together, Dorset Cereals and Molly Maids have partnered together to donate over 100 hours of cleaning time to ease some of the daily burden. Simply visit between 26th January – 30th April for a chance to win and enjoy a breakfast on the slow1.


  1. Make the beds – Men 35 percent – women 60 percent
  2. Pick up dirty clothes and put them in the washing – Men 33 percent – women 58 percent
  3. Get the kids breakfast – Men 28 percent – women 49 percent
  4. Pack the school bags – Men 18 percent – women 34 percent
  5. Clean the loo after your partner / kids have used it – Men 18 percent – 38 percent
  6. Make packed lunches / fill water bottles – Men 28 percent – Women 46 percent
  7. Organise social stuff for kids – Men 11 percent – women 21 percent
  8. Organise social arrangements for you and your partner – Men 15 percent – women 18 percent
  9. Unload the dishwasher – Men 25 percent – women 30 percent
  10. Put a clean toilet roll on the holder – Men 28 percent – women 46 percent
  11. Load the dishwasher – Men 28 percent – Women 46 percent
  12. Put on a clothes wash – Men 29 percent – women 63 percent
  13. Tidy away after breakfast – Men 54 percent – women 71 percent
  14. Do the washing up – Men 47 percent – women 60 percent
  15. Drop kids at school – Men 22 percent – women 35 percent
  16. Make beds – Men 39 percent – women 58 percent
  17. Sort the recycling – Men 45 percent – women 44 percent
  18. Take out the rubbish – Men 55 percent – women 54 percent
  19. Load tumble dryer with wet washing – Men 17 percent – women 31 percent
  20. Hang out washing to dry – Men 21 percent – women 44 percent
  21. Ironing school uniform – Men 12 percent – women 17 percent
  22. Walk the dog – Men 21 percent – women 20 percent
  23. Help with homework – Men 16 percent – women 16 percent
  24. Prepare dinner – Men 30 percent – women 42 percent
  25. Whizz the vacuum around – Men 23 percent – women 36 percent
  26. Tidy away toys / gadgets – Men 23 percent – women 36 percent
  27. Wipe down worktops – Men 42 percent – women 66 percent

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